Marilyn Maini Scholarship Fund


Partial scholarships are available to those who can prove financial hardship. After being accepted into the program, applicants interested in partial scholarship will be required to provide the Arizona Gestalt Institute with financial information, which supports their receiving scholarship aid (possible information that may be requested: tax returns and an itemized debt to income form provided by AGI).

Marilyn Maini loved the principles and practices of gestalt therapy more than any person I have known. Marilyn helped create a gestalt therapy group in 1993 for therapists who had completed the 2 year training program and that group is still meeting regularly to this day. Marilyn was a paradox, giving herself with love, respect, tenacity and authenticity, while at the same time not knowing just how much of herself she was giving. Marilyn was born February 2, 1949 died on June 20, 2008. Marilyn said it best: “I worked too hard to gain my awareness, I won’t let go of it easily.” “I don’t want to be gone and I don’t know how to be here!” “Living till I die!!”

  • You can ask for everything
  • Exceptional experience is crucial
  • Individuality is all
  • I find myself in my vulnerability
  • If you don’t do conflict you do alienation
  • It’s only intensity
  • It’s complex and trivial
  • Tap into the flow of your awareness
  • Willing to have the wound of Love


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