Client Rights

The aforementioned client, parent, guardian, custodian, designated representative, or agent bears the following rights under this agreement:

  1. To be treated with dignity, respect, and consideration.
  2. Not to be discriminated against based on race, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, marital status, diagnosis, or source of payment.
  3. To receive treatment that:
  4. Supports and respects the client’s individuality, choices, strengths, and abilities;
  5. Supports the client’s personal liberty and only restricts the client’s personal liberty according to a court order or by the client’s consent;
  6. Is provided services in the least restrictive environment that meets the client’s treatment needs.
  7. Incorporates the family members, guardian, and/or other support persons, as appropriate.
  8. Not to be prevented or impeded from exercising the client’s civil rights unless the client has been adjudicated incompetent or a court of competent jurisdiction has found that the client is unable to exercise a specific right or category of rights.
  9. To submit grievances to agency staff members and complaints to outside entities and other individuals without constraint or retaliation.
  10. To have grievances considered by a contractor in a fair, timely, and impartial manner.
  11. To seek, speak to, and be assisted by legal counsel of the client’s choice at the client’s expense.
  12. To receive assistance from a family member, designated representative, or other individual in understanding, protecting, or exercising the client’s rights.
  13. To have the client’s information and records be confidential and released only as permitted by state or federal law, court order, or as authorized in writing by the client’s legal guardian.
  14. To privacy in treatment, including the right not to be fingerprinted, photographed, or recorded without consent except for:
  15. Photographing for identification and administrative purposes as provided by A.R.S. Title 36-507(2);
  16. Video recordings used for security purposes that are maintained only on a temporary basis.
  17. To review, upon written request by the client’s legal guardian, the client’s record during normal agency business hours or at a time agreed upon between the client’s legal guardian and the contractor.
  18. To consent to treatment, unless treatment is ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction after receiving a verbal explanation of the client’s condition and the proposed treatment, including the intended outcome, the nature of the proposed treatment, any procedures involved in the proposed treatment, and any alternatives to the proposed treatment.
  19. To be free from abuse, neglect, exploitation, coercion, and manipulation.
  20. To have client’s parent, guardian, custodian, or agent participate in treatment decisions and in the development and periodic review and revision or the client’s written treatment plan.
  21. To participate or refuse to participate in religious activities.
  22. To refuse to acknowledge gratitude to the contractor through written statements, other media, or speaking engagements at public gatherings.
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