Becoming a Gestalt Therapist

Training Program Mission

To provide trainees with a psychological theory and practice in principles grounded in gestalt therapy, human development and personal integrity. Trainees will develop a greater sense of confidence in their ability to be in effective service to those who are seeking support.

Who is Gestalt Therapy Training For?

This training is for any individual who regularly has direct contact with people who are seeking guidance to address: traumatic events, personal difficulties, relational struggles and general emotional well-being.

A Story of Becoming a Gestalt Therapist


Tony Himes

In 1988 I began a Masters degree program in Counseling Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage & Family Therapy. While being formally educated in the science of psychology and counseling I worked as a Substance Abuse counselor in various capacities. After receiving a Masters Degree and completing a 3200 hour internship I quickly became aware that despite my formal education and internship I knew very little about what therapy was. At the close of a session with a couple I was seeing I refused to take payment because of the incompetence I was experiencing. Despite my request, this couple gave me the fee. I, in turn, sought more education and experience.

I gave my full attention to the practice and education of Gestalt Therapy for three years. With a beginners mind, I began the process of discovering what it means to be a therapist. The principles and the experiential learning of Gestalt Therapy provided me with a creative foundation from which I continue to grow personally and professionally.

The three years of formal Gestalt Therapy training and becoming a “certified” Gestalt Therapist was only a beginning (1995). Being in relationship with people in all their pain, suffering, joy and delight; all of it, has been an honor which humbles me and affords me the opportunity to now call myself, a “therapist”.

Over the past 10 years, I have frequently observed Tony Himes as a teacher, therapist and supervisor while he has worked with counseling students at Prescott College who are interested in studying Gestalt therapy. In a word, Tony is outstanding. The students always rave about their experiences with him, and without exception, consistently praise his skills, integrity, compassion, and professionalism. I recommend the Arizona Gestalt institute training program with the greatest enthusiasm, and will continue to advise counseling students from my program to learn from this institute as often, and as much, as possible!

Ellen Abell, EdD
Professor of Psychology, Human Development, & Counselor Education
Prescott College

  • Individuality is all
  • Tap into the flow of your awareness
  • You can ask for everything
  • It’s only intensity
  • Willing to have the wound of Love
  • It’s complex and trivial
  • I find myself in my vulnerability
  • If you don’t do conflict you do alienation
  • Exceptional experience is crucial


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